Twelve magic Months


Our small village and our nature is worth a trip all year round. In winter, the snow glitters, in spring, the meadows turn green and the streams gush. In summer the smell of fresh hay is in the air and flowers bloom in the Alpine meadows. Last but not least, in autumn the larch forest turns from a deep green into a spectacular red-gold colour.

If you are looking for the right balance between active holiday, relaxation and regional cusine, Lungiarü is without a doubt, the destination for the whole year round.

We await you at the Berghotel Sanví!


Nature reawakens

In the valley, snow is melting, first blossoms are appearing, the days are getting longer and longer but at higher altitudes snow is still covering the ground. At this time of the year, you can walk, bike or run on numerous paths in the beautiful Dolomites, many of which starting from right outside our Hotel!

The marmots wake up from hibernation and, with a bit of luck, you can spot young foxes chasing each other in the early morning at the edge of the forest.

It is the ideal season to collect pine cones for our homemade pine grappa and nettles for our ravioli filling!


A spectacle of flowers

Don’t miss the sky full of stars sparkling on a clear summer night and the meadows full of blooming alpine roses, gentian, edelweiss, and red mountain lilies (called Sanví!). The nature of this valley shows itself from the best side! The Berghotel Sanví is situated directly at the foot of the Puez Odle Nature Park. Numerous paths, starting from our hotel, lead through alpine pastures and forests and through untouched and intact nature.

Immerge yourself in our mountain biking, hiking, trail running or nordic walking. Even rock climbers will find many different options in Val Badia.


Golden larch and fresh air

In autumn, our green valley magically transforms itself: the larch forests turn gold while the blueberry bushes in the forest turn into a red carpet. Peaceful silence reigns among the trees, interrupted only by birdcalls and the squirrels' busy nibbling on their fir cones. Autumn days are wonderful days. They are ideal for a mountain hike, the air is fresh and clear, the view is splendid, and the temperatures are mild. Wonderful tranquillity and silence lie above the Dolomites.

Days became shorter. Relax yourself in the late afternoon in our Mini Wellness area “Cialneur” and have a herbal mountain tea.


Eine Skitour gehen oder lieber mit den Schneeschuhen los?

Lungiarü is a true paradise for ski tourers, snowshoe hikers and for those who simply want to hike in the snow-covered forest.

If however, you prefer alpine skiing, the unique position of our hotel will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful skiing complexes of the Dolomites in just one week. You will be able to reach the slopes of the skiing areas Kronplatz, Alta Badia and the Sellaronda easily. The skibus stops in front of our hotel

After a day on the slopes, relax yourself in our Sauna area “Cialneur”.

  • People don't notice wether it's winter or summer when they are happyAnton Chekhov
Hotel Sanví

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