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The longing for the mountains!

from 9 Jun 2024 to 15 Jun 2024 From 561,00 €
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The longing for the mountains!

The longing for the mountains is unparalleled.
There comes a time when it grips you, this desire for crisp mountain air, for endless walks through meadows and mountains, to experience the beauty of nature.
It's the longing for the simple things that mean so much in life. A temporary home in the mountains, a place of peace, reflection, and relaxation.

Everything is blooming - the days are long and bright, and nature and the mountains are completely serene... Take a break from the daily routine, enjoy a relaxing time-out, and recharge amidst nature. Lungiarü is ideal for those who want to take care of their well-being in early summer.

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09.06.2024 - 15.06.2024

Minimum stay of 5 nights.

- 10% for 5 Nights

Forest therapy

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Is your battery empty? Do you need time to recharge?

With every step you take, you’ll feel stronger, calmer – more grounded … It gives you strength and calms you down,
Lungiarü is surrounded by it: the forest.

Feel how the forest makes you forget everyday life and stress literally disappears into thin air. . Peace and calm fill the silence, something you’ve more than deserved on this holiday.

In Japan, forest bathing is now considered a medicine, Shinrin Yoku is what it's called there, literally “forest bathing”.

Immerse yourself in the unique forest atmosphere and delve deep into the woods: the air smells spicy, the light dances across the mossy forest floor, the treetops rustle gently in the wind and the ground bounces with every step you take.


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Larch and spruce forests and, far above, the stone pine forest.... Lungiarü has a lot to offer...spend some time in the forest and reconnect with the world of nature.

Mountain views

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It is not enough to know that the Dolomites are beautiful, you have to see them and get to know them to fall in love with this unique mountain world!

Lungiarü is a modest mountain village far from the bustling tourist centres, immersed in a unique rural environment framed by imposing mountain massifs: Puez Geisler, Sass Rigais, Piz Doleda and finally the famous Pütia!

No matter whether you are looking for peace and quiet, or whether you want to go climbing, mountaineering or on trekking tours, in Lungiarü you will find activity for those who want it, security and tranquillity for those who need it...


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The village of Campill is an insider tip especially for those who are looking for peace and relaxation!

  • Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the worldGustav Flaubert
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